Compassionate Care - Exceptional Medicine


We tailor your dog or cat’s needs to their lifestyle from puppy/kitten vaccination recommendations to giving your pet the best quality of life through their senior years.


Our goal is to help producers and hobbyists learn what is the optimal care for their pigs, sheep, goat, or cattle herds for maximum efficiency and profitability.


We customize our horse patient’s diagnostics and therapies after extensive discussion to help riders to achieve their goals whether they be simple nutrition or complex systemic or lameness issues.

Why Choose Us


We block larger amounts of time per appointment to meet clients, get to know your animal, and to discuss your companion animal, horse, or herd needs.


In addition to our brick-and-mortar hospital setting, if your pet is nervous during traditional veterinary visits, we provide a wide variety of services within the comfort of your home.


We aim to work in tandem with owners to recommend the best therapies and diagnostics for your companion animal, horse, and farm animal needs.


Our practice has regularly scheduled appointments on San Juan, Orcas, and Lopez islands. You can text or request an appointment from our website.

About US

We are a small practice which is locally owned by a family of multi-generational islanders with an interest in customizing care for your companion, equine, or farm animal’s needs. Our practice extends to multiple islands within the San Juans with routinely scheduled appointments on San Juan, Lopez, and Orcas Islands.

Client Testimonials

"I love how these vets really KNOW my animals and how they always have their best interests at heart. We have had to make some difficult decisions, but they have been made with confidence."
“The entire GVH team was responsive, compassionate, and thorough when my horse had an emergent situation. During a stressful time, Dr. Guard was a calming force that helped us in our time of need.”
“Our family loves that Drs. Guard spend extra time to chat with our family during visits and it give our dog time to get comfortable with the calm surroundings.”

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